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203 S. Railroad Ave
Brookhaven, MS


Rental Program

We offer a rental program through Veritas rental for school band instruments. There is no interest or financing for the entire life of the contract. You can cancel at anytime and there are no penalties. Anything you had paid up to that point would be considered rent paid. 

You can upgrade your contract at anytime and the money that you have paid (up to 24 months) will be applied to the new instrument. Once the contract is up and you have finished paying, the instrument is yours to keep.


Our rentals start as low as $26.75 per month. This price includes sales tax and maintenance and replacement. The only things not included in the contract are malicious damage or lost or stolen parts. If your instrument is stolen we must have a copy of the police report. Your instrument is also serialized so you can claim it on your home owners insurance. If you have any questions just give us a call. 


For our student line horns you must have 2 years at your residence and 2 years gainful employment. We must also have a credit card or debit card on file. It will not be charged and is only used as a lean against your instrument. If you want to you can sign up for automatic withdrawal. If not Veritas will send you a payment booklet every month to pay from. We cannot use a pre-payed or EBT card. 

To rent our midline horns you must have 3 Years at your residence and 3 years gainful employment. You must also have the credit or debit card to file and all other requirements are the same.  

We also ask that we have a working home or cell phone number to contact you with.

If you do not met the credit requirements you may still be eligible to rent a horn. We will just need to run a credit check on you and let the company approve your rental. 

We try to be as parent friendly as possible. We also want to encourage students to be in band. If you have any questions or any needs please give us a call and we can work on helping you attain what you need. 


All instruments are chemically cleaned and sanitized.


All maintenance will be handled by Smith Instrument Repair. If it is covered by your contract it will be no charge. If we make a mistake and charge you by accident just let us know and we will take care of the mistake. Also please be understanding that some instruments may take longer to repair than others. They will do their best to have it back in your hands as soon as they can. They are the only repair shop in our area so at times they may have many instruments in their shop. If you have any questions just call and we can give you their number and you can talk with them directly. 

Do you HAve to come to the store?:

No! You can rent your instrument straight from home, and have them shipped to directly to you.