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203 S. Railroad Ave
Brookhaven, MS


Music Lessons

Here at Brookhaven Music we offer the opportunity for you to learn how to play an instrument.

We recommend five instructors who come in and offer their wisdom in helping you learn to play one or more instruments. Piano. Guitar. Violin. Banjo. Mandolin. Ukelele. Drums. Bass.


  • Marvin Curtis - Piano

     Marvin has been playing the piano since he was in the fourth grade. He can teach you to play by ear or how to read music. He can also help you master the style you are longing to play: blues, jazz, rock and roll, classical, country, or gospel. 




  • Greg Smith - Guitar, Bass, and/or Drums

     Greg has been playing the guitar for 20 years and playing the drums for 15 years. He studied classical guitar in College with Natasha Loncar for 3 years. He also studied music theory for 3 years. He attended Co-lin and USM. He also plays with a few bands and is working on recording an album. 

"It's more than learning how to play songs, but about learning how to be a musician."

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  • Jake Patrick - Guitar, Violin, Ukelele, Mandolin, Banjo, and more

    Jake has been playing music for 20 years since he began to learn to play the violin. Piano lessons followed and the rest he taught himself. He can teach the songs and styles you long to learn and well as teaching you the music theory that goes with it. If there is an instrument that you want to learn and there is no one that offers it, he will learn to play so that he can teach you. If you have any questions just give him a call. 



  • Rona Barrett- Violin


     Rona has been playing the violin for over 25 years. She began playing in kindergarten and has recieved many trophies and awards for her playing. She also recieved excellent and superior ratings from the National Federation of Music Clubs. She will take students starting from pre-school ages on up. If you have a desire to play the violin just give her a call. 



  • Carrene Scafidel - Piano

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     Carrene has been playing the piano for 35+ yrs and has been teaching for 20+yrs. She believes in setting a foundation in music and creating a comfortable environment for each student to learn and create a student-teacher relationship that will help you learn more easily. She will take students for ages 8 on up. She has taught many adults as well, so no age to old to learn. She will also take younger students depending on their ability to learn.