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203 S. Railroad Ave
Brookhaven, MS



Here at Brookhaven Music we offer the opportunity for you to learn how to play an instrument.

We recommend six instructors who come in and offer their wisdom in helping you learn to play one or more instruments. Piano. Guitar. Violin. Banjo. Mandolin. Ukelele. Drums. Bass.

Steven Carithers - Drums

Brookhaven Music

Steven has been playing the drums for four years and began his learning under the teaching of Greg Smith. Since he began learning his abilities as a drummer have grown and he has taught his self much more than what he learned in lessons. He has played with bands and done live music. Since he has been teaching here at our store he has had good success with his students and parents. They both are thrilled with his ability to teach and help the student develop into a great drummer. Parents have given him great reviews and students love to learn from him. His youngest student is 7 years old and he will take younger depending on their ability to learn and ability to practice. If you have a child wanting to learn to play the drums give him a call. 

Phone: 601-320-4597